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The Prayer of Habakkuk

  • In what ways COVID-19 has impacted the local economy and even spiritual life negatively?
  • What do we learn from Habakkuk in such challenging times and how do we apply these lessons to our individual and collective lives?
  • Joy must characterize the life of a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. If there is no joy in your daily life, please watch as there is certainly a spiritual leak. Ask yourself these diagnostic questions: Am I complaining often? Do I have the tendency to blame others for almost everything? Do I talk to myself negatively? Do I dwell in my past successes or failures? Do I resist to change? Do I want to please everybody (which by way is am impossible task)? Do I doubt God’s wonderful plan for my life? Do I neglect my Bible study, church attendance, and prayer life? I am hiding to commit sin or life my life like an ungodly person without a respectful fear of God? Am I jealous? Am I envious? Am I afraid of what will happen to me given my current life circumstances? Bring these issues to the Lord in prayer and your will enjoy His peace and joy.
  • Prof. Moussa Bongoyok

The Determinants of the Low COVID-19 Transmission and Mortality Rates in Africa: A Cross-Country Analysis

This is an interesting study. The authors are: Yagai Bouba, Emmanuel Kagning Tsinda, Maxime Descartes Mbogning Fonkou, Gideon Sadikiel Mmbando, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi and Jude Dzevela Kong. Here is their conclusion:

“In the present study, we found that in Africa, the clinical conditions and health system capacity were predictors of both COVID-19 transmission and fatality, while socio-economic indices were associated only with the risk of COVID-19 transmission. This study complements and adds to the existing studies investigating the possible reasons for the low rates of COVID-19 cases and deaths in Africa and offering a broader picture at the continent level.”

“Our results emphasize the need for Africa to strengthen its overall health system capacity to efficiently detect and respond to COVID-19, as well as to potential future pandemics and outbreaks. Further studies based on the data collected at an individual level are warranted to confirm these observations. Moreover, for a better understanding of COVID- 19 epidemiology across the continent, such studies should also consider the SARS-CoV-2 viral diversity.”

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