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Living like a millionaire with a dollar a day: a tribute to a spiritual giant

When our tears lose their vocabulary,

When our loss frightens the ordinary,

When any type of paper runs from ink,

When the boat of our joy wants to sink,

Lord, we will still praise you.


Truly we miss our father Jack Murray.

Emptiness is coloring everything with fury

Two types of tears gain in altitude:

Tears of sorrow and tears of gratitude.

Lord, show us what to do.


The architect of the Francophone University,

Has silently vacated the city.

The Board conference room is weeping.

Diplomas and awards are sleeping.

Is this an academic coup?


He was an excellent mentor.

He was a living bookstore.

He was a friend always on our side

When life pushed us aside.

His heart was always true.


Jack embraced the universe.

He welcomed the diverse.

He always had a word of prayer

For anyone finding life hard to bear

And for those who are thriving too.


He lived like a millionaire

With a dollar a day.

He gave like a billionaire

With joy in every way.

Your servant truly honored you.


Lord, teach us how to catch Jack’s passion

For spiritual generosity without ration.

Move all the fibers of our soul,

In the direction of Your scroll,

Never again to say adieu.


Moussa Bongoyok with Jim and Nancy Kyser, and Fred and Marjorie Krauss.

Half Moon Bay, California (USA),  May the 25th 2018


Rev. John (Jack) M. Murray (1928-2018) was the former General Director of European Christian Mission and first Chairman of the Board of directors for the Francophone University of International Development (FUID)/ Institut Universitaire de Développement International (IUDI).

(c) Copyright by Moussa Bongoyok, 2018.


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