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(Poem in memory of Martha Murray, June 12, 1918-October 17, 2009)


Flow, tears of sadness, flow.

Go, tears of sadness, go.

Tears of distress,

tears of the stress,

do not be shy; do not get scared by mankind.

Borrow the voice of  Bartimaeus the blind.

Run, jump, fly.

Go, and fly high.

Go and wake up the Mandara Mountains.

Go and stand near all the Mokolo fountains.

Tell my people that one dear wing has gone above our zone.

Tell them that the other wing is left alone.

Tell them that California is shaking.

Tell them that my heart is aching.

Run, jump, fly.

Go, and fly high.

Put my pain and anguish in a bag tied with a strong rope.

Throw them in the ocean of hope,

and everything will be fine.

For our mother Martha Murray is gone to shine

among the brightest and most faithful stars in the sky.

Tell everybody that she will never die.

Flow, tears of joy, flow.

Grow, tears of joy, grow.

Fly, tears of holiness, fly.

Go and glorify the Eternal and Most High.

(c) Copyright by Moussa Bongoyok, 2009





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